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SQLite Release 3.6.0 On 2008-07-16

  1. Modifications to the virtual file system interface to support a wider range of embedded systems. See 35to36.html for additional information. *** Potentially incompatible change ***
  2. All C-preprocessor macros used to control compile-time options now begin with the prefix "SQLITE_". This may require changes to applications that compile SQLite using their own makefiles and with custom compile-time options, hence we mark this as a *** Potentially incompatible change ***
  3. The SQLITE_MUTEX_APPDEF compile-time option is no longer supported. Alternative mutex implementations can now be added at run-time using the sqlite3_config() interface with the SQLITE_CONFIG_MUTEX verb. *** Potentially incompatible change ***
  4. The handling of IN and NOT IN operators that contain a NULL on their right-hand side expression is brought into compliance with the SQL standard and with other SQL database engines. This is a bug fix, but as it has the potential to break legacy applications that depend on the older buggy behavior, we mark that as a *** Potentially incompatible change ***
  5. The result column names generated for compound subqueries have been simplified to show only the name of the column of the original table and omit the table name. This makes SQLite operate more like other SQL database engines.
  6. Added the sqlite3_config() interface for doing run-time configuration of the entire SQLite library.
  7. Added the sqlite3_status() interface used for querying run-time status information about the overall SQLite library and its subsystems.
  8. Added the sqlite3_initialize() and sqlite3_shutdown() interfaces.
  9. The SQLITE_OPEN_NOMUTEX option was added to sqlite3_open_v2().
  10. Added the PRAGMA page_count command.
  11. Added the sqlite3_next_stmt() interface.
  12. Added a new R*Tree virtual table

A complete list of SQLite releases in a single page and a chronology are both also available. A detailed history of every check-in is available at SQLite version control site.