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SQLite Release 3.1.4 On 2005-03-11

  1. Fix a bug in autovacuum that could cause database corruption if a CREATE UNIQUE INDEX fails because of a constraint violation. This problem only occurs if the new autovacuum feature introduced in version 3.1 is turned on.
  2. The F_FULLSYNC ioctl (currently only supported on Mac OS X) is disabled if the synchronous pragma is set to something other than "full".
  3. Add additional forward compatibility to the future version 3.2 database file format.
  4. Fix a bug in WHERE clauses of the form (rowid<'2')
  5. New SQLITE_OMIT_... compile-time options added
  6. Updates to the man page
  7. Remove the use of strcasecmp() from the shell
  8. Windows DLL exports symbols Tclsqlite_Init and Sqlite_Init

A complete list of SQLite releases in a single page and a chronology are both also available. A detailed history of every check-in is available at SQLite version control site.