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SQLite C Interface

Compile-Time Library Version Numbers

#define SQLITE_VERSION        "3.46.0"
#define SQLITE_SOURCE_ID      "2024-05-23 13:25:27 96c92aba00c8375bc32fafcdf12429c58bd8aabfcadab6683e35bbb9cdebf19e"

The SQLITE_VERSION C preprocessor macro in the sqlite3.h header evaluates to a string literal that is the SQLite version in the format "X.Y.Z" where X is the major version number (always 3 for SQLite3) and Y is the minor version number and Z is the release number. The SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER C preprocessor macro resolves to an integer with the value (X*1000000 + Y*1000 + Z) where X, Y, and Z are the same numbers used in SQLITE_VERSION. The SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER for any given release of SQLite will also be larger than the release from which it is derived. Either Y will be held constant and Z will be incremented or else Y will be incremented and Z will be reset to zero.

Since version 3.6.18 (2009-09-11), SQLite source code has been stored in the Fossil configuration management system. The SQLITE_SOURCE_ID macro evaluates to a string which identifies a particular check-in of SQLite within its configuration management system. The SQLITE_SOURCE_ID string contains the date and time of the check-in (UTC) and a SHA1 or SHA3-256 hash of the entire source tree. If the source code has been edited in any way since it was last checked in, then the last four hexadecimal digits of the hash may be modified.

See also: sqlite3_libversion(), sqlite3_libversion_number(), sqlite3_sourceid(), sqlite_version() and sqlite_source_id().

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