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Ensure that all ON CONFLICT REPLACE indexes are sorted to the end of the list of indexes for a table, even for weird cases where the same UNIQUE constraint occurs twice with the ON CONFLICT REPLACE clause only on the second one. This avoids an out-of-order contraint processing problem that can arise due to the optimization of check-in [469a62ca33081854]. Leaf check-in: 1e3918ca2f user: drh tags: trunk
Abort the OP_Savepoint opcode early if a virtual table xSync method fails, perhaps due to an interrupt. check-in: 672e749aef user: drh tags: trunk
When a generated column expression is initially parsed, if it contains errors convert the expression to a simple NULL. This prevents additional pieces of the expression tree that are allocated from lookaside from leaking into the schema, where lookaside allocations are not allowed. check-in: a89b386056 user: drh tags: trunk
Due to the previous change, the p5 parameter to OP_VColumn no longer ever contains extraneous bits, so change a testcase() into an assert() to show as much. check-in: 5b4a88cd3b user: drh tags: trunk
Do not set OP_Column flags on the instructions generated by sqlite3ExprCodeGetColumn() if the opcode generated is not really an OP_Column, which might happen if the column is virtual. Fix for ticket [b439bfcfb7deedc6] check-in: 2401e04730 user: drh tags: trunk
Make the sqlite3ExprCodeTarget() expression code generator routine robust in the face of unknown opcodes - it simply generates a NULL value. check-in: f8e876c82a user: drh tags: trunk
Fix problems in fts3 with processing corrupt records and undefined integer overflows. check-in: 3b873029ef user: dan tags: trunk
Fix an utterly harmless "applying zero offset to null pointer" UB warning in sqlite3AtoF(): check-in: 052fdf5e58 user: drh tags: trunk
Initial exploration of blocky APIs, starting with a variant of sqlite3_exec. Leaf check-in: fd849d5b6a user: numist tags: blocky-exec
Patch to the page cache to avoid harmless pointer arithmetic that due to bugs in the STD-C spec is technically UB. This is to fix a harmless UBSAN complaint that OSSFuzz is hitting. check-in: c29fc21288 user: drh tags: trunk
Merge fixes from trunk. check-in: 9c471195f6 user: drh tags: mini-lookaside-take-2
Ensure that there is a containing SELECT statement when processing a normal aggregate function as if it were a window function. check-in: c1014e80b2 user: drh tags: trunk
*Remove* the macros, not just comment them out. check-in: e5dc2939d3 user: drh tags: trunk
Remove unused macros formerly used to define built-in aggregate functions. check-in: 3ef0d44edd user: drh tags: trunk
Merge enhancements from trunk. check-in: 6cb053f99b user: drh tags: mini-lookaside-take-2
Factor out the conditional (which is only true for rare errors) from the notValid() function in resolve.c, for a performance improvement and size reduction. Also cause failures to set the Expr node to a NULL operator so that it does not cause problems later in case PRAGMA writable_schema=ON has been set. Test cases in TH3. check-in: c6af9f655b user: drh tags: trunk
More efficient implementation of a lookaside allocator that supports mini (in this case, harcoded to 128B) slots. check-in: b02fdc09c8 user: numist tags: mini-lookaside-take-2
Fix goofy string formatting in lemon.c that dates from the K&R-C days. check-in: 48ba5e5a22 user: drh tags: trunk
Improved tracing output from the LEMON-generated parser. check-in: 4d6d2fc046 user: drh tags: trunk
Strengthen check-in [83da4d4104ee1870] by ignoring *all* WHERE-clause constraints for a virtual table that is the right table of a LEFT JOIN, as such constraints are never useful. This fixes an issue discovered by Manuel Rigger. check-in: 840de36df1 user: drh tags: trunk
When trying to drop a virtual table that has no xDestroy method, invoke the xDisconnect method rather than doing nothing, to avoid a memory leak. check-in: 1fa29a5f2a user: drh tags: trunk
The xDestroy method of a module might be NULL if the schema is corrupt. check-in: 0457e7d196 user: drh tags: trunk
Enhance LEMON to provide the ability to mark a rules as one that will never reduce due to intervention of actions. Use this new capability to designate the EXPLAIN rule as NEVER-REDUCES. check-in: 136cdefb2f user: drh tags: trunk
Use a statement journal on a CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE statement in case the VCreate opcode fails. check-in: aa3b0eb8c3 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix parser bugs: require a semicolon after an EXPLAIN command. check-in: 707a058a22 user: drh tags: trunk
Avoid a buffer overread in fts5 that could occur when parsing corrupt configuration records. check-in: 355afd77df user: dan tags: trunk
Set the affinity of regular columns prior to computing the values of generated columns. Ticket [d7c3f125c925c522] check-in: d47d66e3d3 user: drh tags: trunk
Rename a local variable to avoid masking a function parameter and thus causing a harmless compiler warning. check-in: f065cf003b user: drh tags: trunk
Add a NEVER() to the ALTER TABLE fix in check-in [1d2e53a39b87e364] check-in: c7309ed3c7 user: drh tags: trunk
The previous check-in was not quite correct, and introduced a new problem with the USING clause. Use this version instead. check-in: ed28aaa485 user: drh tags: trunk
Ensure that the SrcList_item.colUsed field is set correctly (set to have a 1 for all columns of the table) when a generated column appears in the USING clause of a join. check-in: 1923efb283 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix the NOT NULL verification logic in PRAGMA integrity_check so that it works for generated columns whose value is the result of a comparison operator. Ticket [bd8c280671ba44a7] check-in: f3b39c71b8 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a gramfuzz find. If a partial index that does not reference any column of its table is used by an UPDATE statement in one-pass mode, then avoid the use of OP_DeferredSeek since the seek might not be resolved prior to the OP_Delete and OP_Insert that implement the UPDATE. check-in: e3398c5ffb user: drh tags: trunk
Avoid infinite recursion in the ALTER TABLE code when a view contains an unused CTE that references, directly or indirectly, the view itself. check-in: 1d2e53a39b user: dan tags: trunk
Fix possible null pointer dereferences in the fts5_expr() scalar function. check-in: c5d4414359 user: dan tags: trunk
Fix incorrect column-usage accounting associated with generated columns and added by check-in [6601da58032d18ae]. Fix for ticket [b92e5e8ec2cdbaa1]. check-in: 9d75e1ccc7 user: drh tags: trunk
Correctly deal with multi-row VALUES clauses that contain window functions. check-in: 26d991f214 user: drh tags: trunk
Ignore type affinity for auxiliary columns in RTREE as it is too error-prone to try to parse out the type from other constraints. Ticket [8bf76328ac940d52] check-in: 7fa664ea0e user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a problem with foreign keys and generated columns discovered by Manuel Rigger. check-in: 27c0fdab1b user: drh tags: trunk
Early detection and reporting of too few columns in an rtree CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE statement. check-in: ef73107f47 user: drh tags: trunk
In the rtree extension, actively suppress extra tokens on the column names, and be pedantic about column affinities. Ticket [367a86e28859f1ff] check-in: 97fb5a72f9 user: drh tags: trunk
The check-in [b7810062ec2489e1] was not quite right in that it allowed an oversized shift operation (which is UB in C) on some obscure inputs. OSSFuzz found the problem for us overnight. check-in: 62f2235adf user: drh tags: trunk
Further enhancements to RTREE, following up to check-in [f898d04cf272ef01] so that constraints are allowed to be compared to strings that look like numbers. Ticket [aa573a787b8f1fdf] check-in: 32772dfd50 user: drh tags: trunk
Do not allow UPSERT of a view. check-in: ebf897e861 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix to the rowvalue logic that avoids disabling rowvalue inequality contraints on a virtual table when the virtual table sets the omit flag. The logic has been incorrect since row-values were added. However, this does not come up often as very few virtual tables implement inequality constraints using the omit flag. Ticket [f096d191b6641daa] check-in: b7810062ec user: drh tags: trunk
Documentation update: Clarify that the sqlite3_index_info.aConstraintUsage.omit flag is a hint only and that the code generator is not obligated to follow the hint. check-in: 7d3e3f6e7e user: drh tags: trunk
Additional debugging information printed with the ".wheretrace 0x100" option. No changes to normally delivered code. check-in: fc72ec52c9 user: drh tags: trunk
Make sure the rowid of an RTREE virtual table has integer affinity. Ticket [9fe487ba3c064b4e] check-in: 7ae8c0d52f user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a problem in ALTER TABLE that could occur if an index, view or trigger in the schema features an expression of the form ((SELECT ...) IN ()) where the SELECT statement uses a CTE. check-in: 7e5ad8e0ab user: dan tags: trunk
Be strict about type enforcement on rowid look-ups in the RTREE extension. Ticket [30e2c183b6b356e4] check-in: d43e0efb96 user: drh tags: trunk