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4 check-ins related to "ticket-16c9801ce"

For DELETE operations, make sure that seeks on the main table are not deferred, since if they are and none of the indexes reference columns of the table, the seek might never occur until the OP_Delete opcode, which is too late. Fix for ticket [16c9801ceba49]. (check-in: 93a2bace57 user: drh tags: trunk)
In the WHERE generator, when building code for a DELETE operation, make sure that seeks to the main table are not deferred. This is a better fix for the [16c9801ceba49] bug than the previous. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 150dd09ebd user: drh tags: ticket-16c9801ce)
Do not scan indexes that have the integer primary key as their left-most column. This fixes the crash of ticket [16c9801ceba] but it seems like the wrong fix. More investigation needed. (check-in: 50312273ff user: drh tags: ticket-16c9801ce)
Renumber internal constants in the printf() implemention for a small performance improvement. (check-in: 69d11447f4 user: drh tags: trunk)