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Further work on getting ssdsim to run. This is an incremental checkin to save my place while jumping off to work on other things. Leaf check-in: ae2f1627b1 user: drh tags: ssdsim
Merge the command-line shell enhancements from trunk. Other edits toward trying to get ssdsim to run. check-in: 848f87e22f user: drh tags: ssdsim
Improvements to the command-line argument parsing in the command-line shell. Command-line options can now occur either before or after the database name and first command and are still accepted and processed. Command-line options are processed even if no database name is given (and :memory: is assumed). check-in: 317c80cba3 user: drh tags: trunk
Initial check-in of a test VFS designed to simulate a NAND-flash SSD for the purpose of measuring and subsequently minimizing write amplification caused by SQLite. The code in this check-in compiles but does not run. check-in: 9e6efcf054 user: drh tags: ssdsim
Make sure substructure elements have proper alignment in the ICU tokenizers of FTS2 and FTS3. check-in: aaa2d9b0db user: drh tags: trunk