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8 check-ins related to "skip-scan"

Merge the skip-scan enhancement into trunk. (check-in: b0bb975c09 user: drh tags: trunk)
Import the "PRAGMA vdbe_eqp" enhancement and the enhanced EXPLAIN formatting the shell from trunk. Fix a bug in skip-scan and add a test case to prevent a regression. (Closed-Leaf check-in: f668616a29 user: drh tags: skip-scan)
In the shell tool, if an "EXPLAIN" command is executed in ".explain on" mode, attempt to automatically indent the bodies of loops in the output VDBE program. (check-in: e7d34ec681 user: dan tags: trunk)
Add VDBE comments to the beginning and end of skip-scan loops. (check-in: 0c85d93b52 user: drh tags: skip-scan)
Improve the way that skip-scan loops are constructued. Add test cases. Improved the scoring of skip-scan loops. (check-in: 5e75ab9388 user: drh tags: skip-scan)
Add test cases for skip-scan. Enhance "do_test" so that if the expected result is of the form "/*..*/" or "~/*..*/" it treats the expected result as a glob pattern rather than as a regular expression. Fix a bug in ANALYZE result loading associated with WITHOUT ROWID tables. (check-in: d3e6e9b2a7 user: drh tags: skip-scan)
Add the ability to use an index even if the left-most columns of the index are unconstrainted, provided that the left-most columns have few distinct values. (check-in: 27dd5993d1 user: drh tags: skip-scan)
Avoid an unnecessary OP_IfNull while doing an indexed search. (check-in: 5196000930 user: drh tags: trunk)