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5 check-ins related to "btree-refactor"

Btree interface refactoring: (1) The sqlite3BtreeKeySize() interface is renamed to sqlite3BtreeIntegerKey() and modified to work only for table btrees with a rowid. (2) The sqlite3BtreeDataSize() interface is renamed to sqlite3BtreePayloadSize() and modified to work with any btree. (3) The sqlite3BtreeDataFetch() and sqlite3BtreeKeyFetch() routines are combined into a single sqlite3BtreePayloadFetch() routine. The result of these changes is a smaller binary and fewer CPU cycles needed to run queries. (check-in: 2d831074cf user: drh tags: trunk)
Improved comment on cursorOwnsBtShared(). No changes to code. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 5e269c2d26 user: drh tags: btree-refactor)
Fix a C99-ism and a compiler warning for MSVC. (check-in: aa53a36ea2 user: drh tags: btree-refactor)
Change the sqlite3BtreeKeySize() interface into sqlite3BtreeIntegerKey() and make it only work for table btrees. Change sqlite3BtreeDataSize() into sqlite3BtreePayloadSize() and make it work for all btrees. Combine sqlite3BtreeDataFetch() and sqlite3BtreeKeyFetch() into a single sqlite3BtreePayloadFetch() routine. These changes seem to make the b-tree interface more rational and they reduce both binary size and CPU usage. (check-in: bef35e18dd user: drh tags: btree-refactor)
Allocate KeyInfo objects from lookaside if possible. (check-in: b411107a36 user: drh tags: trunk)