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3 check-ins related to "OP_SorterColumns"

Use OP_SorterColumns in aggregate queries. Remove OPFLAG_CLEARCACHE. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 134e65c07f user: drh tags: OP_SorterColumns)
Add the OP_SorterColumns opcode - an experiment in using a special case opcode to decode the Sorter output rather than the generic OP_Column. This might be faster. And with further work, it could eventually eliminate the need for OP_OpenPseudo. (check-in: b9c695e885 user: drh tags: OP_SorterColumns)
Remove the VdbeCursor.lastRowid cache of the current rowid, since maintaining the correct cache value uses more CPU cycles than just recomputing the rowid on the occasions when it is actually needed. Replace it with the VdbeCursor.aOffset field which used to be computed from VdbeCursor.aType when needed. Saves 100 bytes of code space and runs 0.2% faster. (check-in: 91384a7d72 user: drh tags: trunk)