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Parents and children of check-in [dff0314b7e]

Improved error messages when an ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN fails due to a duplicate column name. check-in: 37d11b8e82 user: drh tags: alter-table-rename-column
Merge fixes and enhancements from trunk. check-in: dff0314b7e user: drh tags: alter-table-rename-column
Fix ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN in cases where the column being renamed is an IPK declared with a separate PRIMARY KEY clause - "CREATE TABLE x(y INTEGER, PRIMARY KEY(y))". check-in: 32ca8418df user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Fix UPSERT so that it checks the target-constraint first and fires the DO UPDATE if that constraint is violated regardless of whether or not other constraints are in violation. This aligns SQLite behavior with what PostgreSQL does. Fix for ticket [908f001483982c43cdb476dfb590a1a]. check-in: 529fb55e3d user: drh tags: trunk