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Parents and children of check-in [a0e06d2c5e]

Fix a problem with renaming a column that occurs as an "excluded.colname" construction in an UPSERT that is part of a trigger program. check-in: bb2f723496 user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
After modifying and reparsing the schema as part of an ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN, check that no new schema errors have been introduced (e.g. ambiguous column names in views) before committing the operation. check-in: a0e06d2c5e user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Avoid incorrectly replacing tokens that refer to a column being renamed via an alias. For example, do not overwrite "xyz" when "a" is renamed in "CREATE VIEW v1 AS SELECT a AS xyz FROM tbl WHERE xyz=1" check-in: ad072a835f user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column