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Parents and children of check-in [15dd0169a4]

Fix a recently introduced problem with deleting entries from index tables. (CVS 5754) (check-in: 83c064cae4 user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)
Misc clean up. Wrapped a CE only variable in if-defs. Changed to only provide cache hint for CE builds (as this prevents CE from compressing the file.) Performance testing on XP and Vista showed caching hint had little effect when the DB size was much smaller than the O/S disk cache size, and provided only marginal benefit when the DB size was much larger than the cache. On Vista, overall system performance was hurt for very large DBs. Ticket #3387. (CVS 5753) (check-in: 15dd0169a4 user: shane tags: trunk)
A few minor changes to test scripts so that they work on linux-amd64. (CVS 5752) (check-in: 78d075ff38 user: drh tags: trunk)