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50 check-ins occurring around 8bc7f84c39f913b0.

If the new column name in an ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN statement is quoted, then also use quotes for the column name in the edited SQL statements. check-in: ca5184a25f user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Avoid an assert() sometimes triggered by ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN in non-debug builds. check-in: 520c1c75da user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Fix a bug causing ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN to fail when renaming an IPK column that is used in a CHECK constraint. check-in: 6595c8811f user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Fix a bug causing all ALTER TABLE RENAME COLUMN commands to fail if ANALYZE had been run on the database. Also prevent the user from renaming the columns of system tables. check-in: ca644a2877 user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Reload the entire schema after renaming a column in order to ensure that the schema for any tables for which parent key definitions were changed are reloaded. check-in: f4497b0136 user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Ensure the schema cookie is changed when a column is renamed. check-in: 2dec9ea4ab user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Fix harmless compiler warnings. check-in: 9564d7008c user: drh tags: alter-table-rename-column
When a column is renamed, update any references to it in REFERENCES clauses that belong to other tables. check-in: 191079bd4f user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Merge latest trunk changes with this branch. check-in: c355a83707 user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Fix a problem with renaming columns on tables with REFERENCES clauses that specify a large number of columns. check-in: d48f7bbdf4 user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
Fix the isLikeOrGlob() routine in the WHERE clause processing logic so that it avoids signed/unsigned character comparisons, as that can lead to an incorrect answer if the ESCAPE clause is an invalid UTF8 string. Problem found by OSSFuzz. check-in: 4195a3f8b5 user: drh tags: trunk
Experimental implementation of ALTER TABLE ... RENAME COLUMN. Still buggy. check-in: fa0fc01eb4 user: dan tags: alter-table-rename-column
When a column must be a constant due to WHERE clause and the value of that column is being coded as a constant, make sure the affinity is correct. check-in: 7404ea8316 user: drh tags: trunk
Minor style improvements. check-in: 60bbca2b9a user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Allow sqlite3_snapshot_open() to be called to change the snapshot after a read transaction is already open on database. Closed-Leaf check-in: 051ac01520 user: dan tags: exp-snapshot-open
Enhance the edit() function so that it converts text from \r\n back into \n only if the original unedited copy contained no \r\n values. check-in: 20c995d3f0 user: drh tags: trunk
Add the --info option to the fuzzcheck test utility. check-in: 1caaaaa70f user: drh tags: trunk
Fix an overzealous assert() statement discovered by OSSFuzz. check-in: d9c9fe9f5a user: drh tags: trunk
Remove the column-cache from the code generator. The column-cache has been a persistent source of bugs for years and with recent improvements in the performance of OP_Column, it no longer provides a benefit. After the column cache is removed, the binary is almost 2KB smaller and the speed-check.sh performance test is over 3 million cycles faster. check-in: cdff3af7be user: drh tags: trunk
Remove a testcase() that is no longer reachable without the column cache. Provide an assert() to help prove that the testcase is no longer reachable. Closed-Leaf check-in: a500893b6f user: drh tags: omit-column-cache
Fix comments that were made obsolete by the removal of the column cache. check-in: 2041231d56 user: drh tags: omit-column-cache
Remove more column-cache residue: The OP_SetColTab and OP_VerifyColTab opcodes and the associated SQLITE_DEBUG_COLUMNCACHE logic. check-in: 80236e81ce user: drh tags: omit-column-cache
Further logic simplifications that flow out of the omission of the column cache. check-in: 7d9072b027 user: drh tags: omit-column-cache
Add test cases for the constant expression fix of the previous check-in. check-in: 95db5bd9fe user: drh tags: trunk
Ensure that all expressions that are to be evaluated once at the start of a prepared statement (the Parse.pConstExpr expressions) pass the sqlite3ExprIsConstantNotJoin() test. It is not sufficient to pass just the sqlite3ExprIsConstant() test as that would allow through column references that are bound to constants by the WHERE clause in the constant propagation optimization. This fixes a problem discovered by OSSFuzz. check-in: 8bc7f84c39 user: drh tags: trunk
Remove additional traces of the column cache. check-in: db6052e972 user: drh tags: omit-column-cache
Completely remove the column cache logic, which has been a persistent source of bugs for many years. Due to recent enhancements to the performance of the OP_Column opcode, removing the column cache actually makes speed-check.sh run faster. Removing the column cache also saves about 1,800 bytes of code space. check-in: 3f5f60cd75 user: drh tags: omit-column-cache
Fix the handling of sub-queries with LIMIT clauses by the optimization activated by compile-time symbol SQLITE_COUNTOFVIEW_OPTIMIZATION. check-in: 21235d9a41 user: dan tags: trunk
Fix the OP_SeekRowid opcode so that it has no type-change side-effects on the key register in P3. This fixes an obcure problem that arises when doing equi-joins between a table with a TEXT column against another table with an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY. The original problem was discovered when OSSFuzz created such a query and hit an assert() in OP_VerifyTabCol that was specifically designed to catch these kinds of errors at run-time. Test cases for this fix are in TH3. check-in: fa94b49e02 user: drh tags: trunk
Improve "PRAGMA vdbe_trace=ON" to always show the key values for the OP_IdxGT and related opcodes. check-in: 0f881955ed user: drh tags: trunk
In the command-line shell, always exit if realloc() fails. check-in: e390023c8e user: drh tags: trunk
Add a small cost penalty to sorting to bias the query planner in favor of plans that do not require a final sorting pass. check-in: 85b9beb460 user: drh tags: trunk
Do not allow a column reference that is converted into a constant by the WHERE-clause constant propagation optimization to be moved to the init-time constant expression list, as the table reference will not work there. This fixes a problem found by OSSFuzz. check-in: d30b2a9473 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix an assert() statement that was made obsolete by the constant propagation enhancement. Problem discovered by OSSFuzz. check-in: e4b4737e34 user: drh tags: trunk
Improved debugging output when the ".selecttrace" option is used in the shell. check-in: fcb88dd6b0 user: drh tags: trunk
An early attempt at refactoring Expr Closed-Leaf check-in: fc90a53de7 user: drh tags: expr-simplify-branch1
Add assert() statements to sqlite3ExprDelete() that prove various symmetry properties of the Expr object that might be exploited to make the Expr object smaller and faster. check-in: 81f25d5c84 user: drh tags: expr-simplify
Improvements to the parser to increase coverage. Fix the parser so that at least one expresssion is required after PARTITION BY and within the list of expressions on VALUES(). check-in: 02204f8b24 user: drh tags: trunk
When doing a DROP VIEW do not try to delete entries from the sqlite_stat1 table as there are none. check-in: 7efdba2bbc user: drh tags: trunk
Minor grammar changes that help the parser run faster by reducing the number of NUL rule reductions. check-in: cfd1b00592 user: drh tags: trunk
Enhance Makefile for MSVC to support building the shell tool without using the amalgamation. check-in: 3d815d83a6 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
The WHERE-clause constant propagation optimization attempts to use transitive laws to replace column values with constants in the WHERE clause in order to help to query planner make more aggressive optimizations. check-in: f4229707ac user: drh tags: trunk
Reduce the performance cost of the constant propagation optimization to less than 200,000 cycles. Closed-Leaf check-in: 865249de68 user: drh tags: propagate-const-opt
Performance improvement to sqlite3ExprCollSeq(). With this change, the performance of speed-check.sh is within 400,000 cycles of trunk. check-in: a5f86f49b7 user: drh tags: propagate-const-opt
Faster implementation of sqlite3IsBinary(). check-in: be05d0db09 user: drh tags: propagate-const-opt
Only run the constant propagation optimization on joins since that is the only scenario where it is useful. This saves prepare time for the common case of a simple query. check-in: 598d608359 user: drh tags: propagate-const-opt
Constant propagation is now restricted to just the WHERE clause. The mechanism is changed to take affinity and collation into account. This seems to give correct answers. But the search for constant propagation costs 4 million cycles in the speed test. check-in: 82c67efb72 user: drh tags: propagate-const-opt
Add a test case demonstrating the collation problem with constant propagation. check-in: 50add839fd user: drh tags: propagate-const-opt
Generalize the constant propagation optimization so that it applies on every WHERE close, not just those that contain a subquery. This then demonstrates that the current implementation is inadequate since it does not take into account collating sequences. check-in: 57eb2abd5b user: drh tags: propagate-const-opt
In the unix VFS, give every unixInodeInfo object its own mutex, rather than using the global VFS mutex, to improve concurrency in cases where there are many threads operating on separate database files. check-in: 22f47cf430 user: drh tags: trunk