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Comment:Add test cases for the constant expression fix of the previous check-in.
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SHA3-256: 95db5bd9fea86a10c9528dd24841e1370dfdc0bbb5c98b7cbd808a8bc59dd48f
User & Date: drh 2018-08-04 15:28:12
Remove the column-cache from the code generator. The column-cache has been a persistent source of bugs for years and with recent improvements in the performance of OP_Column, it no longer provides a benefit. After the column cache is removed, the binary is almost 2KB smaller and the speed-check.sh performance test is over 3 million cycles faster. check-in: cdff3af7be user: drh tags: trunk
Add test cases for the constant expression fix of the previous check-in. check-in: 95db5bd9fe user: drh tags: trunk
Ensure that all expressions that are to be evaluated once at the start of a prepared statement (the Parse.pConstExpr expressions) pass the sqlite3ExprIsConstantNotJoin() test. It is not sufficient to pass just the sqlite3ExprIsConstant() test as that would allow through column references that are bound to constants by the WHERE clause in the constant propagation optimization. This fixes a problem discovered by OSSFuzz. check-in: 8bc7f84c39 user: drh tags: trunk
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Changes to test/fuzzdata5.db.

cannot compute difference between binary files