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5 check-ins related to "tkt-61c853-A"

Ensure that columns of views and sub-queries that are expressions with no affinity are not assigned BLOB affinity. This matches the documentation. Fix for [61c853857f40da49]. (On a branch because there are still subtle issues.) (check-in: e15a0977dd user: dan tags: pending)
Add test cases to this branch. (Closed-Leaf check-in: f37317d81c user: dan tags: tkt-61c853-A)
Fix the patch on this branch so that it works with sub-queries, as well as views. (check-in: 7480db307c user: dan tags: tkt-61c853-A)
One of two options on how to address ticket [61c853857f40da49]. In this mode, we back out the documentation change of [https://www.sqlite.org/docsrc/info/07b7749da88d54e5|[07b7749da88d54e5]] and change the core to work as it has been documented to work since 2017, rather than how it has actually worked since 2009. (check-in: 09cd0c0c6e user: drh tags: tkt-61c853-A)
Refactor field Expr.affinity into Expr.affExpr to avoid confusion with other fields and variables named "affinity" and display affExpr it in sqlite3TreeViewExpr() output. (check-in: a29f2a7d07 user: drh tags: trunk)