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Comment:Fix typo in the wal.html document.
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User & Date: drh 2018-11-26 12:01:01
Merge typo fix from the 3.25 branch. check-in: 121aeee579 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix typo in the wal.html document. Leaf check-in: 4182b1655e user: drh tags: branch-3.25
Improvements to the documentation of the busy method in the TCL interface. Words contributed by flightaware. check-in: bf23032b75 user: drh tags: branch-3.25
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   363    363   <li>There is write permission on the directory containing the database so
   364    364       that the <tt>-shm</tt> and <tt>-wal</tt> files can be created.
   365    365   <li>The database connection is opened using the
   366    366       [immutable query parameter].
   367    367   </ol>
   368    368   
   369    369   <p>Even though it is possible to open a read-only WAL-mode database,
   370         -it is good practice is to converted to 
          370  +it is good practice to converted to 
   371    371   [journal_mode | PRAGMA journal_mode=DELETE] prior to burning an
   372    372   SQLite database image onto read-only media.</p>
   373    373   
   374    374   <tcl>hd_fragment bigwal {large WAL files} {avoiding large WAL files}</tcl>
   375    375   <h1>Avoiding Excessively Large WAL Files</h1>
   376    376   
   377    377   <p>In normal cases, new content is appended to the WAL file until the